Are you searching for business ideas for women in India, then you are landed in the right place.
According to the world bank research, It says that in India 23.6% of women aged 15 and above participated in the labor force in 2018.

Also, one thing I need to share with you, You know that women are always in active or in some other words they are always involving in any activity it may be the cooking (they are taken it as a birth hobby) or any other homework activity.
Those women who are staying at home are always looking to start a small business from their free time.

But they are always stuck at choosing the best business idea or they think exactly like that which business I want to pick and so that to became overnight millionaire, suppose if you are that minded people you need to understand the depth meaning of the word hard work and the patience.

You need to understand business means execute in your ideas and so that people can solve their problems easily, then only you can make a profit.

On the internet, you will get a lot of business ideas, but in this article, we have collected the top 10 business ideas for women based on the low investment and future existence of the business.

Top 10 Business Ideas For Women Based On The Low InvestmentTop 10 Business Ideas For Women With less Investment -2020

1.Cooking class: An online business for women

If you are an expert in cooking then you must be looking at the online platform to grow your business.
If you start a business in an offline platform just like a tuition class, then there will be a location problem. If you are exactly facing this problem then you need to move your business online.

If you are having writing skills related to cooking class, then you must create your own food blog using a WordPress or Blogspot.

So far better features in your food blog site, you need to purchase your own hosting platforms like siteground or Bluehost. So to do this you need to invest in some money on domain name and hosting platform after that start publishing your cooking classes on blog site continuously.

Suppose if you are good at talking in front of the camera then you can go to the video streaming platform like YouTube where you can upload your masala cooking classes easily.

Where YouTube is the second largest search on the internet. If you are having a mobile camera then that is enough for shooting your cooking class. After making a video you need to edit that video just like putting a grain of salt on sambar. So that people can enjoy your video.

To make money on youtube, you have to apply for AdSense, after getting approved from them display the ads in between your videos.

using this small business idea you can make money from just sitting in the comfort zone. Finally don’t look at the competition, go and jump into your idea, and achieve your goal quickly.

2.Dance class: business for women with low investment

If you are good at dancing then you must start your own dance coaching class or institution.
In the world of a busy schedule, some people want to stay fit in their life. they always searching for good dance coachers. So you can help them and charge on an hourly basis.

You can start your dance class by both online as well as offline also.

To do this type of offline class you need to have a good peaceful place so that you can attract more and more local dance lovers. To run this type of dance class you have to invest some money in renting places.

Otherwise, you can start your coaching class in your home only. But you need some space to run a dancing class.

What if you are starting your dance class online then you can save your space as well as money by easily. just teaching your dance skill to the world by launching your own courses in udemy, Coursera, etc.

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only sky is the limit you can choose which platform suits you.

3.YouTube: Small business for women’s at home

Youtube business for women

People always like hearing the sounds and moving the object on the screen. But that object should make a smile on the viewer’s face also. If you are having special skills set like cooking, dancing, etc then you have to upload your videos that’s sit.

For complete setup how to make money on YouTube, you must read this post

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4.Mushroom farming: An interesting Home business for Women in India

It is an excellent business idea for women with very minimal investment. You need to have some little space to start this cultivation.

if you are having some knowledge about farming then this would be the great option to run this business.

suppose if you are interested to start mushroom farming but don’t know how to start then you can get free videos on YouTube go through the videos and start learning and implementing the farming technique.

Oyster mushroom has a huge demand in the market so better to start this demanding cultivation with very low investment.

5.Coaching class: side business idea for women in India

Those women who are good knowledge about any subject then fix a time, when you are free and start open your own coaching center at your home.

To run a coaching class you can charge hourly basis on per student.

for example, suppose you are charging 50 rupees for a student at an hourly basis then what if you are teaching ten students then you can make money by 50 *10 =500 rupees per hour.
Start from small then build an empire.

6.Bakery business: simple business for ladies

Bakery women

If you have known the procedure of preparing good tasty products like cake, bread extra, etc . Then this business idea definitely suits you.

In this world everyone is a cake lover, they celebrate their birthday or function inauguration without a cake. So cake makes an important role in everybody’s life journey from their birthday wishes to marriage function. Not only even, when film successfully completes it’s 100 days then cakes play its important role on celebrities’ faces.

So I think you have understood how the bakery product business is having demand in the market.
You can also start your own bakery in your city with a small investment.

First, you need to invest in some money on renting a place for your business.

After some months when your business successfully grows and reached some particular goals, then you can extend your business in other places.

“Work Hard, Have Fun, Make History.” ― Jeff Bezos

Suppose if you are not having that much of money to invest in the renting place, then you can deliver your bakes products in online, to do this work you need to contact bakes shop guy who is having his own bakery shops near your home place, You can prepare and sell your item to that guy.

This is the best business idea for women who are interested in making some money on their comfort zone only.

7. garments stitching: business ideas for housewives

Due to the increase in fashion demand popularity, this business idea gives you the best profit. If you asked me how? Then I am telling you in an easy way to start this business you have to first invest in the stitching machine.

suppose if you learn the skill and master on it. Slowly you can get customers from your beside your home, Start with small after getting more and more customers you can hire a tailor also.

It all depends on you how you are growing your business. Only the sky is the limit.

8.Freelance: Side business ideas for working women’s in India

Side business ideas for working women’s in India
If you are good at content writing, Digital marketing, Photoshop graphic design then without any big investment you can offer your services to which really others need.

To become a freelancer you have to create your freelance account on some popular websites like Fiverr, freelancer, etc.

Freelancing is also one of the good business ideas to start without any big investment.

9. Paper plate making: Home business ideas for ladies

Paper plate making is also the best business ideas for women. You can start the business from your home with some low investment.

To start a paper plate making business you must have to invest in a paper plate machine you can purchase this machine from your local dealer or some online websites like

10.Gardening Business: Home based business ideas for ladies

If you are a plant lover then you can start a gardening business and sell your plants to the homeowner. To start this gardening you have some land to run this business. also, to run this business you have to fill out a form for licensing in your state.


We have listed the top 10 business ideas for women with small investments so you can make money from your free time. Pick one idea that suits you then work hard on it so that it will help you to achieve your goals. Start from small and then build empire.patience is the only key to success.

Thank you for reading this article.


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