​The 7 Perfect Secret Steps to a Successful Small Online Business

The 7 Perfect Secret Steps to a Successful Small Online Business

I am fascinated by what it takes to build a successful online business, so I analyze the websites of people living full or part-time doing this.

I have been doing these secret analyses since I took the idea of ​​earning money online seriously. The funny thing is that I keep stumbling on the same patterns over and over again.

And in this article, I will review them. I am excited because they show you that you don’t have to be a world-class word maker, nor do you have to produce the best content in the world.

However, you must do something you love, help people and get a small amount of attention.

These seven secrets do not take away your pressure and allow you to concentrate your energy where you need to concentrate: in your trade.

The only drawback is that it will take time, usually years, but that is discouraging for
 people to get rich quickly and those who do not pursue their passion or interests.

1. Passion and profitability

​The 7 Perfect Secret Steps to a Successful Small Online Business
  • Although I have talked a lot about how to find your passion, I think sometimes you have to commit a little to find the intersection between passion and profitability.
  • I have been lucky in the fact that my interests are some of the most profitable to participate in, but if yours are not, there is always something you can do about it.
  • This takes time, and although most people will quit smoking within 6 to 12 months, it will continue because they see an improvement and simply cannot stop because they love what they do.
  • There are many people who create websites about patent attorneys, car insurance and home mortgages because they are well-paid niches.
  • And I have nothing against people who are passionate about those niches (do they exist?), but if you only look for money … it won’t last.
  • Believe me, this is something that life has hit me again and again. My mind seems not to focus on money and always ends in misery.
  • He has been a great teacher and a reminder to me. When the basics are covered, money should not be the focus.

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2. Do your research

​The 7 Perfect Secret Steps to a Successful Small Online Business
  • Just to expand more on the profitability side, I would like to focus on research, because while the passion is good, it will not automatically provide a steady stream of income.
  • The way I like to do my research is simple: I look at what I see around me. For example, in the skincare niche, I know there is room to earn money there.
  • There are products that I could recommend, e-books that I could create and ads that I could sell. That is easy, but what if you are interested in building model airplanes?
  • Could you create your own courses? Could you sell something more related to your niche? Could you contact the advertisers directly and reach an agreement with them? To get ideas, I would look at similar websites and even chat with webmasters.
  • It is not a reduced process for me since I have a set of rules that I follow to find the profitability of a market, but it always helps to see that there are already people in space and that there are advertisers willing to spend money.


3. Create content that interests you

​The 7 Perfect Secret Steps to a Successful Small Online Business
  • We’ve all seen articles about the importance of creating remarkable, outstanding and amazing content that is impossible not to share, right?
  • For me, the way most people emphasize remarkable content, I can’t seem to do it, because there always seems to be someone better out there. The perfect recipe for writer’s block.
  • But the truth is that most people think like that. Most are afraid of not being good enough, so what people understand by remarkable content is simply content that provides value.
  • And what is the value? It is different from person to person and from niche to niche. You can come to Wake Up Cloud for inspiration and motivation, while another person comes for procedural items.
  • When you love your theme, it is difficult for you not to improve and share your passion, what shines in your writings, your videos, and your podcasts.
  • No one said this was easy, but it is not impossible either. In fact, it is very feasible.

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4. Focus on humans, but remember SEO


​The 7 Perfect Secret Steps to a Successful Small Online Business
  • The third thing I see on blogs and successful websites is that they focus primarily on humans. I think search engine optimization is important, but not to the extent that you put robots before humans.
  • In the end, the people who will read your content are human companions (and maybe some aliens, but they are a minority. I think?).
  • So, when you write articles, don’t be nice to your headlines, at least not all the time, because search engines are still robots, and they will have a hard time finding out what your article is about if you use ambiguities and other creative references
  • That does not mean you should stop this completely. It simply means that you must find a balance.Of course, there are exceptions

5.Repeat for 2-3 years

​The 7 Perfect Secret Steps to a Successful Small Online Business
  • Here is the trick: you have to do this for at least two or three years. Again, there are always exceptions.
  • A good example of this is Fran from High on Health. He started his blog in mid-2007 and has been writing 3 articles a week since then.
  • She has fought acne and other health problems and has written about all of them in her blog. She shares her experiences but also shares how she was able to heal her acne skin naturally.
  • In this interview, he talks about the fact that he was about to give up because he didn’t see great results immediately.
  • He goes on to say that it took him what seemed like forever to reach 500 daily visitors, but from there, things came to life, and this is something I also see on my own websites.
  • The beginning will always be the most difficult. That is when you will doubt yourself, and that is when you will do most of the learning.
  •  In 2011, Fran has more than 4,000 daily visitors and has just hired additional writers to help her with the blog. It is a full-time business. It took a few years, but he did it persistently and loving the subject he writes about.
  • Fran is a perfect example of someone who took his passion and created a small online business.

6. Perfectionism vs. To do things

​The 7 Perfect Secret Steps to a Successful Small Online Business
  • Another major obstacle to creating a profitable online business and website is the constant war between perfection and shipping (getting things out the door).
  • I struggle with this all the time, and many other successful entrepreneurs too.You will probably never feel that you are ready to start your first website because it seems that everyone knows more than you.
  • But in the end, you have to ask yourself if you want that to stop you. Those are simply your thoughts stopping you. They are not real and can be changed.
  • Personally, I got so tired of waiting that I started my own blog and started writing. I didn’t care what that little voice inside my head thought.
  • I was going to do this because it was what I wanted to do, and by taking action, I destroyed the false illusions and saw that I had something to contribute to the world. And I’m pretty sure you are too.

7. Anticipate mental ghosts

​The 7 Perfect Secret Steps to a Successful Small Online Business
  • I want guarantees, but I’m not getting them. I am constantly fighting my own ghosts and fears. I always believed that successful people were not afraid, because they had reached the top.
  • But the truth is that you will never be without fear. There will always be dissatisfaction in your life if you let that little voice, some call it the ego, direct your life.
  • I have had bright ball syndrome many times. I’ve searched for other online business models because I wasn’t sure about this, but in the end, I know that building an online business takes time; Usually years.
  • And I wouldn’t like to give up what I have here in Wake Up Cloud, even if it’s scary because I love what I do here so much.

The recap

  • Basically, what I am trying to convey here is that you can build an online business, but only if you are ready to spend time (sorry, get rich quickly).
  • I wish there was another way, but if life were easy, it would be like playing a video game in god mode. It would be fun for the first 10 minutes, but then it bores you and you do something else.


The recipe is simple and almost cheesy:

1. Find something you love that has the potential to make a profit

2.Create content
3.Have fun (and make connections)
4.Embrace the fight
5.Rinse and repeat

Something I forgot to mention in the list was making connections, but that happens automatically as you get in touch with like-minded people in your niche.

Life is scary, but isn’t that what makes it so interesting?

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