7 Planning And Design Processes For Printing Business Cards

   7 Planning And Design Processes For Printing Business Cards
         Contrary to what you may believe, designing custom business cards is not about choosing templates. While it is easier to create them with pre-set templates, true custom business cards require you to actually plan and develop a specific kind of design. I know this might sound hard, but if you follow a specific process, it should be a lot easier.

           Let me give you the basic planning and design process steps for printing your own custom business cards. Find all seven steps below. Follow through these points and you should have a better and more original business card that can match other professional ones out there.

Here are the 7 tips for Printing Business card

1. Set your base image or personality theme.

7 Planning And Design Processes For Printing Business Cards


The first step actually is about you. You have to set the base personality or “image” theme that you want to project with your business card. Basically, this is the specific impression of you that you want your business card viewers to see.

Do you want to be that professional trustworthy businessman? Do you want to be that friendly salesman? Or maybe you want to be that creative or skilled professional? You should define this personality and image early on as this will act as the guiding principle in your business card designs.

7 Planning And Design Processes For Printing Business Cards

2. Identify the specific objectives and functions for the business card.

       Next, you must identify the specific objectives and functions of your business cards. Business cards are not only created for you to give away of course.

Besides being used for business networking, some people use it for actual sales/advertising, Public relations, and even specific objectives in marketing to develop a certain business persona. Whatever the objectives are, just be sure that you list all of them down. This will also shape the design and content factors of your business cards.

3. Review some of the other business cards out there.

Now, before you actually start developing a design, it is a good idea to review some of the other business cards out there. Try to review the business cards that you have received over the years, and also look at the newest examples of them on the Internet.

 This will give you an idea of how creative and how advanced business cards are these days. Let this be the standard by which you will create your business card designs.

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4. Get the most appropriate business card template.

The last step before actually creating business card designs is getting a business card template. You should get a template that is easy for you to open and manipulate, and ready for the business card printer to use.

 Make sure of course that the dimensions and settings of the designs are properly set so that you can produce print-ready business card designs quickly.

7 Planning And Design Processes For Printing Business Cards

5. Start brainstorming and creating drafts.

Now, you are ready to create those drafts. First, start brainstorming and sketching a few key ideas that you should already have. Try to work with a trusted partner here so that you can get more ideas as well as some critical opinions on the weakness of other concepts. 

Build maybe 2-3 great ideas and flesh them out as drafts. Using the template, create a full-scale draft of your top ideas ready for testing.

7 Planning And Design Processes For Printing Business Cards

6. Test out your most promising designs.

Next, you should test out those promising designs. Have your colleagues, friends, and family see those business card drafts and get their feedback. Make sure that you list all of their concerns down so that you can easily review and integrate them in your revisions. 

The more opinions you get, the more you will know what you need to change and maintain in your business card designs.

7. Refine and print with the best materials.

Lastly, try to refine your designs, integrating all the constructive feedback that you got from people. Finalize the design and of course, add a little polish of your own. 

Before you print those business cards though, make sure that you choose the best materials (paper and inks) that you can afford when you start ordering from that printer. The better the materials, the better the final finish of your cards.

        So that is the proper planning and design process for business cards. As you can see, with this process you can really determine the best and most effective business card designs for your own purposes. 

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