Top 10 Best Business Ideas For Students In 2020Business Ideas For Students without Investment

      Are you searching for How to start an online business from your comfort zone, then you are landed in the best place.

In this era, many students are interested in starting a business but they are facing a problem regarding investment or some students having the skills, talent but they don’t know how to earn money from their skill.

Even some of the students are to become an entrepreneur instead of going for a 9 – 5 job or maybe some students start a business for their pocket money.

If you are those kinds of category then I will tell you the top 10 best business ideas for the students  without investment or some minimal investment.

So that you can turn your interests and skill into the real cash money, working from the comfort zone of your home.

In the internet world, there are so many methods to earn money online but in this article, we are going to tell you the top 10 business ideas for the student who are currently studying.

Convert your wasting time on social media, entertainment into your investing time so that you can make money online.

So let’s look and gaining knowledge in this article and working hard on it.

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Top 10 Business Ideas For Students 🤑Without Investment 2020

Business ideas for students

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List of Top 10 Business Ideas For Students 

1. Bloggingblogging-top-10-business-ideas

If you are a creative writer and show your thoughts on the Internet then blogging is one of the best platforms to where you can sharing your knowledge in terms of the writing skill.

So that start a blog on your interested topic publish on it and get traffic from search engines like Bing, Google, etc

Blogging is totally free on some of the platforms like Google Blogspot you can get free hosting on it even if you want to connect your paid domains also you can do that in the Blogspot platform.

For alternative Blogspot I recommended you go to WordPress.In WordPress, you can get a lot of features but those features are absent in the Blogspot.

Suppose if you are invested in the hosting and very professional interface for your website then may you will get many broad proposals.

In the starting stage, you will be getting no money but if you are writing good content that will be loved by the people then you will get traffic to your blog site.

Focus on particular niche don’t much look at the competition, you know in this word if you look at any field then there will be a competition is there.

Hard work and Patience is the key to success.

"Never give up. Today is hard, tomorrow will be worse, but the day after tomorrow will be sunshine."- Jack ma( founder of Alibaba Group)

After getting a huge amount of traffic to your blog then you can apply and after getting approved from Google, link to the Google AdSense, and show advertisements on your blog even you can sell your product or publisher sponsored posts on your blog site also.

In India, the moment, you mention blogging one name always comes to mind is Mr. Harsh Agrawal owner of the blog site  where he is helping a new beginner blogger who wants to make money on the blogging platform.

From my heart, I will tell you to go through his site and get a huge knowledge of blogging, apply on your blog after surely I will tell you, You will get huge organic traffic to your site.

Last word but not least after you start a blog remember, focus on a particular niche in which filed you have been interested and work hard on it, start making money online, for the student blogging is one of the best business ideas for students to make money online.

2.Affiliate marketingBusiness Ideas For Students without Investment affilate marketing

Affiliate marketing to make a passive income for students who are looking for an online business idea this is the best one method for you by simply promoting the other people’s products on your site and sell them through a commission link.

To do this one first you have to choose the specific niche and to promote the best products
for your audience and solve their problems easily.

Affiliate marketing generates the million-dollar business, To earn like this you must have some solid marketing skill.

You can promote other people’s courses or products from E-Commerce sites like Clickbank, Amazon associates, Flipkart, etc. If you sell their product to the people then you can get a commission on that.

If you like the idea, then want to become a successful affiliate marketer then read this post .

3.Freelance ServiceBusiness Ideas For Students without Investment freelancer

If you are having some skills like video editing, Photoshop graphic designing, copywriter, SEO expert, etc then freelance is the best place to make some money online.

First, you need to figure out what you are good at focus on that thing.

Now I am going to share with you the best freelancer website like Fiverr, 99 design, Freelancer, Upwork, etc go to this site write about in which skill you have a master and create an account on that site.

You know this could be a digital business when your client really looking for giving work to the smart hard working freelancers just like you, accept their work as a challenge complete the work within deadline what the client mentions the date and maintain a strong portfolio.

In the freelance field, the client looking for those work like video editing, social media marketing, SEO expert, etc based on their service they chose the freelancer guy who is having a good review on portfolio those easily make money online,

So I already mention that maintaining your review star in the portfolio is one of the main things in the freelance field because before giving any project to the freelancer the client first looks at the review first.

4.Drop-Shipping Business Ideas For Students without Investment drop shipping

Have you ever heard the word inventory? This word has a separate fan Base until the word drop shipping came out.

In our top 10 business idealist, this one is also one of the best zero investment businesses.

First customers looking at the online store to purchase the item, after he or she purchases the item the supplier taken care by all services like shipping the item.

You need only the online store website and collecting payment from customers and provide excellent customer support.

In dropshipping first you need to set up a website, provide the photos of your item to sale when a customer visits your site if they like they will choose the best product from your online site list after purchased that item, he/she orders in your site online store.

So you can see that you need to provide the best customer support only when the customer purchases the item. Shipping all the other things are taken care of by a third party seller.

For a better understanding of dropshipping, I will give you an example like Amazon, Flipkart, etc.

For running this business choose the third-party seller wisely. To do drop shipping you can save your warehouse for storage that is big advantages in this business.

For better knowledge go through this link….

5.Building a website Business Ideas For Students without Investment webite building

Do you know how to build a website? another good method to make money for the student while studying and starting an online business by selling your WordPress site or blog site.

Are you thinking like that I am don’t know the coding part to build a website? as the technology given you without knowledge of coding, Also you can build a website easily from scratch.

On the internet, there are 62% of the site where created on WordPress content management only.

Just you know the theme and plugin knowledge and also how to customize it, that’s it, simply drag and drop.

First, you need to create different categories of the website like e-commerce, blogging, travel management, etc. Make one store and start selling them and help the people to develop their own business online.

If you are having an additional talent like SEO, digital marketing, then you can earn more money by offering such other things.

Once you will sell the website to the client and build their business website online then easily you can maintain an excellent reputation with the client can offer SEO and digital marketing service also.

6. Graphic designer Business Ideas For Students without Investment graphic designer

Are you making a super cool banner design? Then it’s time to sell your creative design to the business owner.

We mention that not only banner design if you are well good in making logos, motion effect, the thumbnail for YouTube, social media banner, ads banner, business cards, etc.

Then start to make a strong portfolio in which you have already done the cool design, attach in the portfolio, so that client can offer their business design to you.

Again freelance is the best option for you. Also if you are good at digital painting, digital art, etc make one website and start offering the peoples, gift their product to someone who loves.

So graphic design is also the best business for students.

7. SEO expert


Have you ever heard the word SEO (search engine optimization) where this is one of the main categories in the digital marketing field.

To understand this one better I will tell you the small example if you are using one of the search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo,duckduckgo then if you want to search for some information regarding making money online.

Then you simply start searching the keyword business ideas for a student in 2020 then search engine display the result based on their calculation of good quality content. It displays the result.

I will tell you one interesting thing that According to the Moz When search engines display so many results of the web page 71% of people click on the 1st page only.

So that you can see that in the world so many people are sharing their information in a blog post related to the keyword business ideas for the student so acquire larger traffic on your site then your site must be rank within top pages.

suppose if you ask a question like what if your site is below the rank for you then probably you may get low traffic to your site so show to do display the website on the top of the search engine where this job is done by SEO expert only.

To become an SEO expert in online there are so many free courses are there so I recommend and you go through the Google course this is one of the best and good courses as my suggestions.

As better understands this field you need practice and looking at how SEO works? How to run ads on Google, so that I will tell you the better method, start creating a website, write content on it.

Then research how exactly your site works whether it ranks on top of the page or not. Start implementing where I made a mistake, correct it and become an SEO expert.

Again freelancing is the best way to earn money or you can become an SEO agency also offer business owners to grow their business in a digital way.

 8. Youtuber

You tube

YouTube is the second-largest searching site in the search engine where people want to gain knowledge in terms of hearing a sound and moving object on the screen.

To become a YouTuber you must have the skills like how to speak in front of the camera and share valuable knowledge to the user to solve their problems easily.

In this competitive world you must know the basic SEO of YouTube and also you must have video editing skills or you can hire a video editor also.

So basically you need to choose the specific niche and start making a video on that I personally tell you on YouTube as my research, people go through high-quality videos so if you are investing in a camera then that will be better for you.

For complete information read this post-Youtube

So YouTube is also one of the major online business ideas for student with a small investment.

9. Social media consultantBusiness Ideas For Students without Investment social media

In the era, you can see that over 75% of people check out a social video daily.

So if you are well good at creating posts and start to gain the user to attract other sites.then the business owner who are really looking at you.

So that they can run their business drive the customer from social media to their site.

This is the type of business where creating posts and share them across all the platform, they do this to reach a new audience.

To start this online business you must have the basic marketing skill also create creative content in the post.

Instagram and Facebook are the two big large social media companies every second where millions of posts are upload.

10. Content writing

content writing

If you are having good creative writing skills to share the knowledge in terms of writing content. then lots of opportunities are waiting for you.

To rank a website on Google, content blog writing is one of the methods to gain traffic to the site and start to provide the digital marketing service,

The basic skill you need to have is SEO, we say that content is the king also you must know that SEO is Queen. If you are a content writer then you have got a gold mine within you. So freelancing also offers content writer so this is also the best way to earn money online.

To start an online business you must know the three basic important points

  • Business is not about making money it also about the provide the best service to the customer.
  • You must have the patience
  • Always keep learning
  • Upgrade your skills daily


As you can see that we have listed the top 10 business ideas for students in 2020, select one field which has been interested and focus on basic skills. You will make money online easily. Only the sky is the limit.

If you are having any doubts then commenting on the comment section.

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