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In case if you are a headache from the internet pop up ads on the web page, But didn’t know how to stop these ads on the webpage.

Then you need to install an adblocker chrome extension in your chrome browser or any browser. This helps you in not only blocking ads it also helps in blocking malware and provides privacy safety as well.

Based on the Statista report, In 2019, roughly 25.8% of all active internet users were using Adblockers to prevent from the spamming pop-up ads and getting better privacy policy to their browser.

best-adblock-for-chrome-browserBest adblock for chrome browser

What is an adblockers?

Adblockers are the browser extensions that block the ads on the webpage. While when you loading a web page the adblocker simply injects the stylesheet one to the webpage allowing a user to display the content or video format without annoying interruptions or distractions.

Why we need an adblocker?

As day by day internet users are growing in the same way types of popup ads, banner ads, video ads, contextual ads, etc also growing rapidly.some of the ads on the webpage is irritating so much to the user Thus, we need adblocker chrome extensions in our browser.

As the name suggests its job is to block the pop-up ads on the webpage and provides privacy and safety to the user information.

it also provides special features that you can decide which advertisements you want to view and what you never wish to see again.

When you are using an ad blocker, you will likely experience faster loading of web pages, cleaner-looking pages, and less wasting of resources, such as internet bandwidth, CPU, memory savings, and power savings.

Is adblocking dangerous?

No. The adblocker chrome extensions are 100% safe. However, chrome extensions are silently updated automatically. adblockers job is to simply block the ads on the webpage but not steal the user data.

How do I get an ad blocker chrome extension?

Simply follow the below steps to get an adblocker chrome extension.

1. Go to google web store

2. In the search bar type adblocker

3. after that it displays the number of the adblocker extension list

4. select your one favorite extension and click on add to the chrome button.

5. After that one pop up window will display, select on add to chrome button

6. Done, and say goodbye to ads.

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Top 5 Best Adblock  for chrome browser extensions

In the market when you look at the best AdBlock for chrome extension you will get tons of ad blocker extension lists, but it’s very important to choose the best extensions for your devices.

Based on the rating and review we have collected and listed below also it includes features, pros, and supported device information.

1. UBlock Origin-Best adblock for chrome browser


without ublock origin adblocker chrome extension


after installing ublock origin adblocker chrome extension

Using ublock origin Chrome extension users can block any types of ads, malware domains, tracking servers, and they can also easily whitelist any website. It is a Lightweight AdBlock extension and the user can easily filter any types of banner ads, pop up ads based on their browsing experience.

Features of uBlock Origin— best ad block for chrome

Offered by: Raymond Hill (gorhill)


  • Open-source public license
  • Saves CPU and memory power
  • Improve the users browsing experience
  • Users can easily customize and whitelist the website
  • Protect the user’s privacy data
  • Does not slow down the website

Supported devices

Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox


2. AdGuard


Adguard chrome extension

AdGuard ad blocker is a fast and lightweight chrome extension. It effectively blocks all types of ads on all web pages, even on Facebook, YouTube, and others.

This Adguard chrome extensions allow you to block the pop-up ads, banner ads, video ads on the webpage. Also, it helps in protecting yourself from online phishing and tracking websites.

Features of Adguard chrome extension

Offered by:
users:6,000,000+ users


  • It blocks pop up ads, banner ads, video ads, text ads, Facebook and youtube ads, etc.
  • Protect users privacy data
  • Prevent users from online threats, computer against viruses, Trojan horses, etc
  • AdGuard Tracking Protection filter removes all forms of tracking from the Internet.
  • It blocks social widget and helps in Crypto-jacking protection

Supported devices

Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari, Beta, and Android


3. Adblock Plus – free ad blocker


adblock plus chrome extension-best adblock for chrome

Adblock Plus is one of the best and trusted Chrome extension. It protects you from annoying pop-up ads, video ads, and banner ads, also it provides features related to the user experience, that is its user can decide which advertisement wants to block on a particular website request.

Features of Adguard chrome extension

Offered by:


  • Majorly blocks all types of ads.
  • Supports Customize features related to whitelisting the website.
  • it is an open-source code.

Supported devices

Google Chrome, Opera, Mozilla Firefox, internet explorer, safari, beta, and android


4. AdBlock — best ad block on chrome


Basically there is no relation between the Adblock plus and Adblock chrome extension.
The most widely used AdBlock Chrome extension blocks all rich media ads like video ads, text ads, pop ads, and including the YouTube, Twitch, and Facebook ads. Even you can customize and add the website into the whitelist.

Features of Adblock chrome extension

Offered by:
users:10,000,000+ users


  • It is having a simple and easy to turn on and off button
  • Speed up the webpage loading
  • Blocks the majority of all types of ads, scams, website trackers, and cryptocurrency miners.
  • Protects users against spam links and some potential malware attacks

Supported devices

Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, opera, Internet Explorer, beta, android, and iPhone.


5. AdBlock Ultimate


AdBlocker Ultimate chrome extension

AdBlocker Ultimate extension blocks all types of ads from banner ads to text ads on the webpage also it protects users from the online trackers, spammers so that users can browse easily without any distraction of pop up ads.

Features of AdBlocker Ultimate chrome extension

Offered by:


  • Remove the unwanted content ads.
  • Users can easily whitelist the website.
  • Blocks the malware and malicious domains
  • Improve the browsing speed and page loading speed
  • Open-source project

Supported devices

Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari and Internet Explorer



These all are the top 5 best AdBlock for Chrome browser. It helps you block unwanted ads and provides the best browser experience to their user.

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