If you are looking for the best free screenshot Google Chrome extension, then on this page I have shared the top 8 best screenshot extensions for the Chrome browser along with their features, pros, and installation guide.

Before Directly diving into the screenshot extension, let’s look at some of the basic questions related to the screenshot Chrome extension.

Best screenshot chrome extension for pc

Why do we need a screenshot Chrome extension?

  • capture the screenshot of the selected area within a quick time.
  • Increase the working speed
  • Get advanced features such as full-page screenshots, scrolling screenshots, etc

How screenshot Chrome extension differs from normal shortcut keys?

Well, To capture any images on the Chrome browser usually enter the PrtSc button on Windows or the Cmd + Shift + 4 on Mac. That’s it, but you know it takes a full entire page screenshot.

In some cases, even it catches unwanted things (which we don’t want) such as a URL bar, multiple tabs, etc. Again to remove those parts we have to go for some editing software.

As you know that it consumes some of our valuable time. What if we install screenshot extensions on the Chrome browser then within a fraction of a second we can complete tasks easily and very effectively.

So there is no way to be successful without any effort but with the help of some tools or extensions, we can increase our working speed faster.

Best chrome screenshot extension to capture web screen

1. Awesome Screenshot: Screen Video Recorder!


Awesome Screenshot Google Chrome extensions

Awesome Screenshot is a screen capture and image annotation tool. Using this tool users can do multiple things such as scrolling screenshots, annotating screenshots, and screen recording videos as well.

It allows users to quickly capture any text or images on the web page after that immediately you can edit, Annotate, and crop the images as you need, also this extension provides the functionality of directly saving them into Google Drive, Jira, Slack, Trello, Asana, GitHub and even in the local file. More importantly, your upload image file size should be 2 MB only.

Features of Awesome Screenshot Chrome extension

Offered by: www.awesomescreenshot.com
Rating: 4.6/5
users: 1,000,000+


  • No 1 highest-rated screenshot tool in the Google Web Store
  • Easy to capture the full page or selected area of images within the webpage
  • Supports 720P/1080P/4K resolution of screen recording videos
  • Provides additional toolbar for Annotate the screenshot

How to use the awesome screenshots in the chrome browser?


  • Internet connection is a must without the internet this software is not useful
  • You cannot enjoy this software on the other browser like Mozilla, Opera Mini
  • The software allowed capturing the screenshot on the Chrome browser only
  • The extension doesn’t support the desktop screenshot

2. Take Webpage Screenshots Entirely — FireShot


fireshot screenshot chrome extension screenshot demo

The fireshot screenshot is the same as the above one, which is also the full-page screenshot extension. After taking the screenshot you can immediately edit, annotate and crop the images. Later you can save them to disk in PNG, GIF, JPEG, BMP, and PDF format.

Features of Fireshot Screenshot Extension

Offered by: screenshot-program.com
Rating: 4.7/5
users: 2,000,000+


  • works in offline mode
  • quick text annotation
  • no ads, spyware, and unnecessary permissions
  • save the captured screenshot to disk as PDF (with links), PNG, GIF, JPEG, BMP file extensions.
  • save webpages to PDF with links.

3. Full Page Screen Capture (Chrome Extension)


Full page screen capture extensions

It’s a simple and quite easy screenshot Chrome extension. You can capture a screenshot of the entire full page without any external permission.

To take a screenshot of the webpage you need to click on the extension icon or press the shortcut code Alt+Shift+P, After that when screenshot capturing is done, an immediately new window will open where you can easily download the different formats of images, and pdf option you want.

Features of Full Page Screen Capture Chrome extension

Offered by: gofullpage.com
Rating: 4.9/5
users: 4,000,000+


  • Taking full page screenshots of the webpage
  • Save the screenshot in various file formats including PNG, JPEG, or different PDF paper sizes.


  • The interface could have been a little more user-friendly
  • Available only on Chrome browser

4. Lightshot (screenshot tool) Extension


lightshot screenshot tool extension demo screenshot

One of the best simple customizable screenshot Chrome extensions in the web store. It is quite a simple interface and easy to use.

When you click on the extension it automatically opens a screenshot in a new tab, and on that, it will ask you to select any part of the webpage,

Simply drag the cursor and select the area in which you want to capture text, and images on the screen. After that immediately it displays the editing toolbar option on the right side where on that you can edit text, draw a rectangle, line, etc.

Once your editing part is done on the below side you can see the multiple options related to file saving or upload print option based on the aim of your work you can locate the screenshot of the file easily.

Features of Full Page Screen Capture Chrome extension

Offered by: https://app.prntscr.com


  • easy to use and simple user interface extension
  • upload screenshot to the cloud server
  • copy the screenshot to the clipboard
  • Search for similar-looking screenshots on the Google


  • Lightshot opens a screenshot in a new tab
  • it can capture a screenshot of the visible part of the webpage that doesn’t support the scrollable screenshot.
  • it reads browser history

5. Webpage Screenshot — Entire page screenshot!


Webpage Screenshot Entire page chrome extension

Another popular screenshot extension for the Chrome browser. It is best to fit for capturing the whole page screenshot.

With the help of the onboard editor, you can do multiple things based on your aim of the task, such as annotating with lines, rectangles, circles, arrows, and text even with the help of the spray tool you can easily hide or blur the sensitive information. Furthermore, You can save the screenshot on your computer as PNG, or PDF, and upload it to drive also.

Features of Full Page Screen Capture Chrome extension

Offered by: webpagescreenshot.info


  • the software runs even in offline mode
  • open-source extension and webcam screenshot Capture
  • edit the content of the webpage before taking a screenshot
  • social media sharing option
  • unlimited free storage for storing screenshot images online
  • the extension doesn’t collect any kind of data

6. One Click Full Page Screenshot extension


One Click chrome extension

Clean, simple, and easy-to-use screenshot extension. Within one click you can capture the entire webpage screenshot or part of the area of a screenshot on the webpage.

If you want to capture full page screenshot of a current window then you need to click on the extension or Alt+Shift+P shortcode key,

After that, it captures each part of the webpage, and transport you to a new tab of your screenshot there you can edit your images using the simple toolbar option once your editing option is done, download and save it in your local file.

Features of One Click Full Page Screenshot Capture Chrome extension

Offered by: DesignThinking Inc.


  • no signup option
  • simple and ads-free extension
  • easy to capture the full length of the web page in a single PNG image.


  • suppose a webpage is too large then it spilt the screenshot images into separate tabs

7. Nimbus Screenshot & Screen Video Recorder


Nimbus Screenshot chrome extension

The Best good alternative for the awesome screenshot capture & annotate extension. The best feature of this extension is you can take screenshots or record videos without an internet connection.

Yes guys, even without the registration process also you can share your screenshot with your friends or family members.

Furthermore, this extension provides great features on-screen recording you can record webpage, desktops even the customizable video screen resolution and frame rate.

Features of Nimbus Screenshot Chrome extension

Offered by: nimbusweb.me


  • it can run even in offline mode
  • no need for the registration process
  • crop, blur, annotate toolbar image option
  • advanced features for on-screen recording

8. Blipshot: one-click full-page screenshots


Blipshot full page screenshot chrome extension

Another popular screenshot extension is Blipshot. With the help of Blipshot, you can capture the screen shoot simply drag and drop.  It allows users to take a full-page screenshot in just one click.

Features of Blipshot Chrome extension

Offered by: intenseminimalism.com


  • full page screenshot
  • save the images in PNG
  • captured screenshot is saved with the page name, date, and time

FAQ related to chrome screenshot extension

1. How do you take screenshots on chrome without the Chrome extension?

Instead of installing the screenshot extension on chrome, in a smarter way you can capture the screenshots with one click. Just follow the below step.

Step 1: Press the Ctrl+Shift+I shortcode key on Windows for mac Cmd+Option+I

step 2: Press the Ctrl+Shift+P short code on Windows, Ctrl+Shift+P (on mac)

step 3: Type the word screenshot

Step 4:Select the screenshot type (Full page screenshot or part of the screenshot on the webpage)

Step 4: Save the image on the PC

Step 5: Done.

2. How do I add a screenshot to the Chrome extension?

Simply follow the below steps to get a screenshot Chrome extension on the Chrome browser.

  1. Go to the Google Chrome web store.
  2. In the search bar type your favorite best screenshot extension name
  3. After that, it displays the number of the screenshot Chrome extension list
  4. Click on add to the chrome button.
  5. After that one pop-up window will display, select add to chrome button
  6. Done

3. How To Screenshot on Windows 10 Using Snipping Tool?

4. How do I take a screenshot of a scrolling page on chrome?

Using the windows Prtsc shortcut key only captures the visible part of the screenshot but what if I want to capture the scrolling page of the screenshot then using a chrome screenshot extension allows users to take the scrolling page screenshot easily on chrome.

In this post, we have listed the best screenshot Chrome extension select one, and go through the extension.

5. Why can’t I take screenshots in incognito mode?

Suppose you are opened incognito mode on the Chrome browser suddenly if you have got something on the screen important to be saved. Then maybe on the android phone, it cannot be possible to take a screenshot because the purpose of Incognito Mode is to keep privacy by avoiding any record.

But in the firebox browser, you can easily capture the screenshot on incognito mode.
Where in the case of a computer using screenshot extension or shortcut keys you can capture a full-page, selected area, or scrolling screenshot easily.

6. How to install the Chrome extension on incognito mode?

If you have already installed any Chrome extension on the normal chrome mode then just hover and right-click on the extension after that you can see the manage extensions option just click on it.

It will open the particular extension settings, scroll below until you see the allow in incognito option simply enabled the button that’s it.

Now open your incognito mode window you can see the extension icon on the right side of the URL box. This is How you can install a chrome extension on incognito mode.

7. How to Take Screenshots of a Webpage in Firefox Web Browser?

Using a screenshot extension you can easily capture text, and image screenshots on the Chrome browser. But in the case of the Firefox web browser even without an extension also you can capture the screenshot easily.

Well to capture any selected area or full-page screenshot on the webpage just right-click on the webpage and select the screenshot element option(as mentioned in the image).

Just drag and select the text or image you want to capture then once selecting the area is done save your image or copy the image as you need. That’s it.

This is how In a simple way you can capture the screenshot of a webpage in the firebox web browser easily.


Based on the rating and review above, I have shared the top 8 best screenshot extensions for the Chrome browser.

Select one extension and install it on your Chrome browser I will be sure it will save you time whenever you want to capture images or record web page videos on the browser.

Thank you

But still, you want to recommend some more screenshot extensions for internet users so feel free to share in the comment section.

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Anna · 7th July 2021 at 1:59 pm

I use a good plugin for a full-page screenshot and communication for Chrome https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/full-page-screen-capture/gfalfgfjjngkcfhadnehacimlfhenjbo
and for Firefox

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