Are you boring with the default background theme of Google chrome? but don’t know how to change colorful and vibrate Google chrome themes.

Then you should read this article and it helps you to bring some cool features to your Google chrome browser. Let’s look at the best google chrome themes.

Best Google chrome themes 2021

Besr Google chrome theme

Best Google chrome themes 2021

We use the Google Chrome browser every day it may be for gaining information or sharing knowledge all depends upon their perspective and their interest.

When we open the chrome browser it display the default theme in the background that one is white, I know it literally hurts to your eyes.

So changes from these default white themes to something colorful theme.
Then you need to go for Google web store, it offers tons of very vibrate and modern themes.

but are you thinking like that which one is the best google chrome theme? or Is this theme suits my PC?

That’s why in this article based on the user’s rating and review we have collected the top 10 best Google chrome themes 2021 also this article tells about how to install these themes from Google Web store.

1. Themes Published by the Chrome Team

Themes Published by the Chrome Team:Just Black

Themes Published by the Chrome Team: Just Black theme

Google Chrome team on Feb 11, 2019, has released an official around 14 themes for google chrome browsers.

All themes are different-different categories it varies mainly in the colors and style and also it ranging from classic blue to high contrast colorful variation.

The 14 chrome themes as follows Just Black, Rose, Sea Foam, Slate, Black and white, high Contrast colorful, Oceanic, Marsala, Classic Blue, Serenity, Ultra Violet, Banana, Honeysuckle and Pretty in Pink.

Based on my experience all themes are very good and really amazing. Out of 14 themes, really I crushed on just black and high contrast colorful chrome theme. It’s really pretty cool.

If you just want to change the default or any chrome theme to this colorful theme just go for this one.


2. Dark & Black Themes

Dark & Black Themes

Dark & Black Themes: Night Time In New York City

Out of all the thousands of best google Chrome themes, the dark or black Chrome themes look really nice, and also it reduces eye strain in daily browsing activities.

If you are a blacky lover here is a list of the top dark and black themes. That’s will really help to darken your browser easily.

When you install these best google chrome themes on your chrome you will get an experience like the same as the incognito window.

So below I have mentioned the link of the themes it goes through that one and you will get a lot of dark and black themes mainly like Slinky Elegant, galaxy view, etc.

Select the one theme that’s cool to you. next, click on add to chrome option and enjoy the chrome theme.


Also read: Best Top 5 dark mode chrome extensions for your PC

3. A Splash of Color

A Splash of Color

A Splash of Color: Flying Paint

Personalize your background with ‘Splash of color‘, In Splash of color themes bundle, you will get a lot of the new colorful browser theme for your Google Chrome.

Out of bundle of all the themes I installed the flying paint theme, it’s really very vibrant and pretty also,
I sure when you install this theme which will make you Flying through the air rainbow colors on a white background. Go through and enjoy this theme.

You can go to other themes also like colorful ‘paint splashes‘ of colors theme, colorful galaxy theme, beauty theme, etc these are also amazing themes.


4. Into the Forest

Into the forest

Into the forest: Nordic Forest

If you are a nature lover then ‘into the forest‘ chrome themes offers a bundle of forest-related themes like waterfalls, night forest themes, etc.

when you install any one of the themes, then these themes that change the appearance of your Google Chrome web browser into the beauty of natures.

This one is also the best google chrome themes in our list 2021.


5. Cool Rides

cool rides best chrome themes

Cool rides best chrome themes: JP Performance – BMW M4 (unofficial)

The collection of cool rides themes especially for car lovers. It offers cool and amazing pictures of the car in the background. Mainly it is having the themes of Lamborghini, BMW, Audi, Ferrari, etc.


6. Pretty Patterns

pretty pattern google chrome themes

pretty pattern google chrome themes: Interpretation of a Lion

As you can tell from the name itself, the collection of pretty pattern themes for the chrome theme uses patterns such as Damask, floral, paisley.

This makes it stand out of the other themes for chrome while being very pleasant and easy on your eyes.


7. Let the Sunshine In

let sunshine theme

let sunshine theme: pretty pattern google chrome themes

Change your default background with beautiful sunshine google chrome themes.

In this Let the sunshine themes collections there are 25 themes are there it consists of different types of themes like beautiful beach scenes of sunsets, Eiffel towers, etc.

So go through the sunshine themes and make your day today brighten.


8. Superhero Sketches

Superhero Sketches

Superhero Sketches: Iron Man-Material Design

If you are a Marvel fanboy iron man superhero fans then here you guys google chrome offers you In superhero sketches bundle.

In this bundle, it’s having amazing and super stylish designs mainly Deadpool full-screen scheme, Ironman material design, Zelda dark, black panter, etc.

I liked the majority of all the themes. But when I installed the Iron Man-Material Design theme its looks pretty perfect HD background

it feels like the professional theme to my desktop screen. being an iron man fan this one is my default chrome theme always.

So without any wasting time go through these simple and elegant colors of superheroes sketch theme.


9. For Animal Lovers

Cat themes for chrome browser

Cat themes for chrome browser: marchin on

I bet you sure if you are zoophilist then simply install these themes.

whenever you open your chrome browser this background pictures bring you the amazing and exotic wildlife to your desktop!

For testing case purposes, I looked at a bunch of themes. Saw a cute cat. and I installed it after that when I clicked on a new tab boom….!

that’s an amazing green bar on my left side it first attracts to my eyes.

At the same time my mind passed the signal to my eyes looked at the center section oh that’s cute ! it Fits my large monitor & is not blurry I thought that it would be the perfect theme to my screen but because of I am an iron man fan then you can guess what exactly I have done.

Download these cool animal themes right now, for free and get the most beautiful animal print for your desktop.


10. Beautiful grass fields theme

Beautiful grass fields theme

Beautiful grass fields theme: Beauty

Hey, greeny color fans..!I know You are a practical, down-to-earth person with a love of nature. here in this below, I have mentioned beautiful green grass fields.

Bright pink sunset, green plains and hilly forests, that fades into the mountains, will make you open favorite browser again and again.


How to Install google chrome themes on the Chrome browser?

In case if you don’t know how to install a chrome theme on the Chrome browser, then just follow the below steps.

7 steps to install google themes on the chrome browser

1. Open your Google Chrome browser.

2. On the upper right corner of your Chrome browser Click on the three-dot icon.

3. Click on the setting from the drop-down menu.

4. Scroll down and search for the Appearance section and now just select the theme.

5. After when you click on the small arrow button it will be redirected to the Chrome web store.

6. Here you get numbers of free and beautiful themes and now just choose the one you like and click on the button “Add to Chrome”.

7. That’s it, Chrome will automatically download the theme and installs it for you.

How do I change my Google Chrome themes back to normal?

Below we have mentioned the steps on how to uninstall themes on chrome.

1. Open your Google Chrome browser.

2. On the upper right corner of your Chrome browser Click on the three-dot icon.

3. After that, you need to click on the setting from the drop-down menu.

4. Just Scroll down and search for the Appearance section click on the reset to default.

5. Done

Install and remove themes in google chrome


Chrome themes make your browser more attractive, cooler, and full of amazing designs.

Though Google Chrome looks minimal with its default straightforward design, you can actually add cool amazing Chrome themes from the web store.

Above we have listed the top 10 different categories off the best google chrome themes go through the themes and install on your browser.

In case,If you are facing any problem regarding installing themes then please comment below.


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