Our aim in this blog is to review Hostinger and see if this low-cost Web Host fulfills all these specifics and help you decide if it’s the perfect place to launch your website!

Hostinger Honest review 2022: Is it worth?

What do web hosting companies do?

Web hosting companies are the reasons you can see millions of websites on the internet today. These websites are stored in special computers called servers. These websites are accessed by the user using the website name or what is known as the domain name. 

Few of the specifics on which a good web host is categorized by its –

  1. Speed or bandwidth – Users are expecting websites to have a very fast speed of response especially when a website is of a responsive type.
  2. Uptime – It’s the time available for the user to use the website, needless to say, the higher uptime the better is the website.  
  3. Disk space – The more data your website needs to store, the greater is the requirement of disk space.
  4. Regular backup – The data so stored from the user can be easily lost if the regular automatic backup isn’t provided
  5. Supported framework – Before purchasing a web host keep in mind to check the supported framework or the languages available with them.

Overview of Hostinger

Hostinger is a WordPress-optimized web hosting service that provides you with one of the cheapest amenities to host your website. 

This more than a decade-old web hosting platform is used by 29 million users across the world in 178 countries. Their servers are deployed in 7 regions including the UK, US, Brazil, Netherlands, Singapore, Indonesia, and Lithuania.

The price is one of the most appealing factors of Hostinger, it provides you with the option to launch your website for as low as 69 rupees a month! Hostinger’s famous tagline is “Time is Money”, it’s a very customer-centric platform with 24 by 7 customer support that too in more than 20 languages.

Its speed can be credited to the fact that it uses LiteSpeed caching. Hostinger provides you with a large number of tools to match most of the needs of a web developer. 

For a beginner Hostinger takes care of all the tools needed and is very easy to use, it’s one of the biggest reasons why many developers start out using Hostinger. Hostinger’s immense confidence in its service can be proven by the fact that it promises you a 30-day money-back guarantee if you didn’t like its services. 

Following are the plans provided by Hostinger 

Single web hosting (starting from rupee 69/month)

Single Web Hosting Hostinger Review India

  • Single Website
  • 1 Email Account
  • 10,000 monthly visitors
  • Free SSL certification 


Premium web hosting (starting from rupee 149/month)

Premium Web Hosting Hostinger Review India

  • 100 Websites
  • 100 Email Accounts
  • Unlimited monthly visitors
  • Free SSL certification 
  • Free Domain
  • WordPress acceleration


Business web hosting(starting from rupee 269/month)

Business Web Hosting Hostinger Review India

  • 100 Websites
  • 100 Email Accounts
  • Unlimited monthly visitors
  • Free SSL certification 
  • Free Domain
  • WordPress acceleration
  • Daily backups


Some of the Specifics of Hostinger you can’t ignore

1. Speed to vouch for

Hostinger is a speed-optimized website having a Fast Load Time of about 350 ms. No one likes a slow website and it can be terrible for a business whose revenue generation depends on the website.

A poor loading speed means a poor user experience and hence the customer might lose interest in your product or service or won’t come back again for future purchases.

If you want a trustable web host with a reliable and fast server Hostinger is your buddy. The premium plan does an excellent job with speed and if you are using WordPress then you can expect much better results since it’s a WordPress-optimized website.

2. Inexpensive Pricing

Inexpensive Pricing Hostinger Honest Review India

Hostinger undoubtedly provides one of the cheapest plans to get started with hosting. The price varies on features and the type of shared hosting you have chosen.

Hostinger provides you with the free domain name and SSL certification (protects your session through encryption technique)with the Business plan.

You can expect a high return on investment with this web host without compromising the quality of your website.

Though the price mentioned on the website is for one month cycle, you have to buy a minimum of 3 months hosting period.

3. Free Website Builder Zyro

Zyro website builder hostinger review india

If you don’t know how to code or use design tools for your website, a good website builder will solve all your problems. Hostinger has an inbuilt Website builder called Zyro and commits it to be fast, powerful, and easy to use.  

It’s your one-stop destination to build a beautiful website with: 

  • Many pre-made templates to choose from
  • Help you make your website content SEO friendly 
  • More than a million free high-quality to use
  • Powerful AI-driven Business tools
  • Protected by SSL security, hence securing your session
  • Good user experience with drag-drop options

Zyro will help you build your website in a matter of minutes with all these powerful tools and help you publish it at the same time. 

4. Reliable Uptime 

You might have come across websites that show their server is down. Bad impression, isn’t it? As a company or startup, your customers must have a good experience while scrolling through your website so that they are not afraid to come again and again especially when you have an e-commerce website. 

Hostinger has got you covered since it offers you a service guarantee of 99.9 percent uptime. In our research, we found that Hostinger does go down every few months, but for the majority part you can rely on it. 

5. Complimentary Bandwidth

The bandwidth depends on the web hosting plan you chose, the single shared hosting plan provides 100 GB bandwidth whereas the premium and business plan provides unlimited bandwidth.

Additionally, all the plans come with a 30 day money-back guarantee, so you can always be sure of the quality of service being provided.

6. Impressive Features

Hostinger provides a variety of options to make a web developer’s life easy for example:

  • Easy to use control panel
  • One-click installation of WordPress
  • LiteSpeed power caching
  • Cache validator
  • WHIOS checker
  • Minify javascript
  • AI writer for SEO optimization of a website

This web hosting platform uses MySQL database to store your data and provides support for Google’s G suite too. Be it about optimizing your web content, coding the website, storing and securing your data, and making your website attractive and speedy, Hostinger has the solution for all your problems. 

7. Provides SSL Certification

If you don’t have an SSL certification then some of the old browsers and devices won’t be able to use your site, it also helps you in protecting your session throughout and hence prevent loss of data. 

SSL certification helps you secure security for any kind of online communication. They can range anywhere from $149 to $599 a year.

Hostinger provides free SSL certification for all three web hosting plans but provides daily backup only for business-shared web hosting plans. 

8. Helpful Customer Support

Hostinger supports customer service 24/7 through live chat lines and emails. The only problem is that they don’t provide telephonic support at the moment. But otherwise, the customer support is really friendly and helpful.

You can expect even your minuscule doubts to be cleared with a fast response since it’s a very customer-axial company that highly values the time of its customer.

9. Simple UI (User Interface)

Hostinger is among the best host services and has a very intuitive user interface. The icons are large, concise and not cluttered. The clarity of the UI is really good and it’s very responsive.

10. Utility Rich Hpanel

Hostinger has its own CPanel called hPanel which is your go-to board for all your basic functional requirements. It provides you with: 

  • Easy auto installation 
  • File manager
  • MySQL database
  • DNS zone configuration to emails 
  • many more content management systems or CMS

But the hpanel does lack many advanced features like routings, mailing lists etc. Like most features of Hostinger, high-quality the hpanel is very easy to use and has an attractive minimal User Interface. 

We have jotted down Hostinger’s features but to aid your decision we have created a Pros and Cons for Hostinger Review

Hostinger Pros

Hostinger does surpass in so many features, some of them are-

  1. The page load time (350 ms) is really fast and is stable most of the time.
  2. The Hpanel is feature-rich and beginner-friendly.
  3.  Excellent cache manager (present in the hpanel) and helps you a lot with increasing the loading speed. 
  4. A budget-friendly web hosting platform without compromising on the quality of service.
  5. Inbuilt website builder which is very intuitive and provides tonnes of features.
  6. Variety of tools like AI writer for SEO optimization, predefined templates for designing etc.
  7. Easy to use interface and meets all your basic functional requirements.
  8. Service guarantee of 30 days which you can claim if you aren’t satisfied with the service provided by Hostinger.
  9. Provides free SSL certification, hence enhancing your website’s security.
  10. 100 Email accounts, Free domain, Unlimited SSD storage, 100 websites, unlimited monthly visitor for people opting for premium and business web hosting
  11. 24/7 live chat lines with a multilingual support team that quickly responds to all your queries. 

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Hostinger Cons

Some cons which Hostinger can definitely work on-

  1. The customer support services are currently not available if you want to solve your query on a telephone call. You can only contact them on live chats only if you are a registered customer.
  2. Single web hosting is provided with only 1 email and is not allotted a free domain. 
  3. Some of the advanced features of CPanel are missing in hpanel.
  4. Uptime can become unreliable for some part of the year.


To start with Hostinger is a very beginner-friendly website. The inbuilt website builder takes care of the coding and the designing part to a good extent and hence if you are starting out in the web dev industry Hostinger can be a good option.

It is definitely the best in-budget web hosting platform with numerous features to help you optimize your website. The web hosting platform has good loading time and the uptime is also very appreciable. The customer support is reliable but you can contact them only through email or live chat. 

Overall Hostinger is light in your pocket, specifics intense, simple to use and a quality speed provider Web hosting platform on which you can completely rely for your website.  

Conclusion: Do we recommend Hostinger?

Well, it’s a clear-cut yes!

We were very satisfied with Hostinger since it is rich with coding, designing and optimization tools to make the job easier for web developers.  The user experience and User Interface is also commendable.

With a feature intense dashboard, reliable uptime and fast loading speed that too at a budget as low as 69 rupees per month, Hostinger is easily one of the best Web Hosting Platforms out there. We recommend Hostinger since it caters both beginners and experienced web developers really well and is an amazing platform to keep your website running seamlessly.

Frequently Asked Questions  

How’s the quality of service provided by the web hosting platform Hostinger?

Hostinger’s quality of service is best at its price point. The average loading speed (350 ms) is very high and they use LiteSpeed power caching which you can use to improve the performance further. 

They also provide 99.9 percent of uptime which is considered good when compared with industry standards. Along with amazing performance, they provide a lot of utilities for new as well as an experienced Web developer to make it easy for them to build as well as publish the website. 

Features like AI writing tool, G Suite Support, and WordPress optimization proves this hosting platform is value for money as well as time. They also provide a 30 day money-back guarantee, which you can claim if you were not content with the service provided by Hostinger.

Why is Hostinger web hosting so cheap?

Hostinger is cheap because it uses its own cPanel called hPanel. Since cPanel is a third-party company, hence they charge from the web hosting providers. 

What is your review about Hostinger India?

Hostinger India is a very trustable and budget-friendly web hosting platform that is very to use. It is one of the cheapest web hosting platforms available and provides you with speedy performance. 

It owns all the basic functionality you would require for a website and has many features to optimize it. The built-in Website builder helps you create intriguing websites with free millions of high-quality photos, pre-defined templates, drag and drop features etc.     

What’s your review about the Single Web Hosting Plan of Hostinger?

The Single Web Hosting Plan provided by Hostinger is the cheapest plan at 69 rupees per month provides 1 Email, 1 Website and Free SSL certification, but it doesn’t provide you with a free domain.

If you want a personal website or blog you can go with this plan. We recommend this plan for people who want to use a website for business.

Is it worth taking Hostinger’s Premium plan?

The Premium plan provides a lot more options than the Single Web Hosting plan. If you want to set up a website for more than 100,000 users then you should go with the premium (priced at 149/month) which provides you with 100 emails, 100 websites, unlimited web, and a free web domain. 

What is your review about Hostinger India?

Hostinger provides helpful hosting support, trustworthy uptime, and amazing loading speed and is one of the cheapest web hosting platforms starting at just 69/month. Hostinger is a very good choice for India. 

Given its past records, this platform will surpass your expectations and suit all your needs. It provides all the necessary tools and easy to use Website Builder to help you get started with your website. 


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