Top 5 Best Dark Mode chrome Exten­sions 2021

Best Dark Mode chrome Exten­sionsAre you searching for the dark mode appearance on the web page? Here is the solution for you guys we have a trial and tested the Top 5 best Dark Mode Exten­sion for Google Chrome browser on PC.

Basically, Chrome does not support the dark mode where it applies in certain areas in chrome. But if you want dark mode on the web page so using chrome extension we can fullfill our dark mode requirement. After installing any extension chrome extension show you on the right side of the address bar.

Why we need a Dark mode chrome extension?

Top 5 best Dark Mode chrome Exten­sions 2020Some people love black as their favorite color . So where ever they go they like black ,it may be in the dress selection or smartphone, PC, TV color etc as like those people who love dark as their preference in the web pages also.

They prefer the web pages with a white test on the black as the background color. 

So some websites have the dark mode as the option on the menu but in most of the website’s theme, they don’t support or even maybe in WordPress there is no proper best working plugin.

Also, some readers who read articles or news in the night time when they start reading, their eyes are feeling strained because of the computer screen is too bright because of white light coming from the computer or PC it looks like a blue light.

However blue color having the lower waves that’s why this blue light vibrates at higher energy.

To overcome this problem we have compiled the Best dark mode extensions for Chrome browser that enable dark themes on all the websites.

Top 5 dark mode Google chrome extensions 2020

1. Dark reader

2. Dark mode

3. MoonR

4. Turn Off the Lights

5. Dark Night Mode

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1. Dark reader – Dark mode Google chrome extension

Features of Dark reader extension:

To protect your eye from bright light from the PC then this extension helps you enable dark mode on your chrome browser.

This eye-care extension enables night mode and creating a dark themes on all websites. Dark Reader inverts bright color and making the user to high contrast and easy to read at night.

Features of dark reader extension:

  • The dark reader is a highly flexible extension 
  • It applies the dark mode in a dynamic theme also.
  • Easily we can adjust the sepia filter, font settings, and ignore-list.
  • It supports customized brightness and contrast as your need.
  • Dark Reader doesn’t show ads and supports up to 30 languages
  • It doesn’t send the user’s data to any third party persons. 
  • Allow choosing between Dynamic, Static and Filter modes.
  • It is fully open-source and Offered by

Available dark reader extension in browsers

  • Chrome, Firefox and safari in PC or Mac.

In my point of view, this one is the best dark mode Google chrome extension. So install it and enjoy the dark theme.

Demo of dark reader extension in chrome (video)

source: dark reader Youtube channel

2. Dark mode

dark mode chrome extensionAnother extension where you can turn your pages into dark mode easily. This extension having limited features as compared to other extensions and it offers different dark style options with different colors.

Features of dark mode extension:

  • The toolbar button serves as an ON or OFF switch which helps in quickly turn the extension ON or OFF. 
  • Supports up to the English language only.

Disadvantages of using  dark mode extension

  • You cannot customize the brightness or contrast manually as your need.
  • It doesn’t work on all selected websites.

Available dark mode extension in browsers

  • Chrome

3. MoonR

Moonr dark mode extension for chrome

Another cool extension for dark mode is moonR. Once you enabled this extension it turns your browser bright light screen into dark mode easily.

Features of moonR extension:

  • To enable the dark mode you need to click on the extension (where in the right side of the address bar) 
  • Work faster
  • Supports the English language only.

Disadvantages of using  moonR extension

  • You cannot customize the brightness or contrast.
  • no extra features compared to other dark mode extensions.
  • Dark mode will be enabled for limited webpage

Available moonR extension in browsers

  • Chrome

MoonR chrome extension demo (video)

4. Turn Off the Lights

If you are especially looking for the Dark mode extension for videos. Then this extension definitely helps you. You can make your favorite web site theme into dark mode easily.

Features of Turn Off the Lights extension:

Features of Turn Off the Lights extension:

  • The Turn Off the Lights Chrome extension does work on all websites, even on outside the video platform such as YouTube,HTML5 <video> player etc.
  • Turn Off the Lights Chrome extension is supported by 54 languages.
  •  It’s a 100% free and open-source browser extension.

Disadvantages of using  Turn Off the Lights extension

  • When you install for the first time the Turn Off Lights Chrome extension, it comes in default settings that are the basic light on and off.

However, in the Turn off the Lights Options page, you can enable the Night Mode features as well.

Available Turn off the Lights extension in browsers

  • Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Maxthon, Yandex, Brave, Vivaldi, and Microsoft Edge.

5. Dark Night Mode

Features of Dark Night Mode extension:

Dark night mode is a free extension that converts all the sites into bright light or night mode. So that you can browse the internet without staring at your eyes.

Features of Dark Night Mode extension:

  • It is having two simple options one for increasing the brightness or decreasing the brightness another for whitelisting the websites.
  • You can set your starting time and ending time of dark mode, that is at what time to what time you are going to experience a dark theme on.

Disadvantages of using Dark Night Mode extension

  • Not works on all the websites.

Available Dark Night Mode extension in browsers

  • Mozilla Firefox and chrome


Is Dark mode Google chrome extension Safe?

The chrome browser extensions are more highly secure because Google regularly updates its policy and checks the extension safety always.

How do I delete the dark mode Chrome extension?

If you are already installing the dark mode extension but don’t know where exactly delete or remove the extension in chrome. Then follow the below simple steps.

  • First, you need to open your chrome browser 
  • At the top right side, you can see the three dots vertically, click on that
  • Go to the more tools option and hover on it and once you find the extensions option click on that.
  • After that which extensions you want to remove, click on the Remove option. Done

These all are the steps where you need to follow, To delete the dark mode extension on chrome.


In the above, we have listed the Top 5 best dark mode chrome extensions in the internet world with the help of these extensions you can convert your favorite websites into dark mode at any time. So go through that and enjoy the dark mode and also, more importantly, be safe from your eyes.

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Thank you.


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