Having a successful blog is not as easy as many newbies believe it to be. Going to Blogger, creating a blog, and adding a nice-looking template is just not enough if you want to stand out from the rest.

If you take a look at a small blog and then at a leader in a specific niche, you will immediately see the difference.

The big players know how to get readers to leave comments, vote on social networks, and retweet. That is a component of huge importance if you want to start driving sales and making those dollars. Check out the blogging tips in the next paragraphs to get a step closer to a more reader-friendly blog.

How to Become a successful blogger -Blogging tips

Encourage Discussion:

The best way to get more engagement around your blog is simply by saying you want it. Adding a question at the end of your article might prove just enough to encourage debate.

Believe it or not, but I got close to double the number of comments after applying that technique. Adding the CommentLuv plug-in does miracles as well. What it does is places a link to the commentator’s latest blog post. What more can you ask for! That’s how a successful blog is done – visitors always come first.

Always Double Check Grammar:

Yes, this might seem like an obvious thing to do, but it actually isn’t for many bloggers. I’ve been stumbling upon literally dozens of blogs with poor writing and grammar.

That’s just enough to make you leave and never revisit, even if great design and useful information are both presents. Looking unprofessional to your readers is the last thing you want when you are hoping to make a successful blog.

So to avoid it, leave your articles for a few hours after writing them. Then reading them will be as if you are a random visitor. That way you will be able to spot mistakes far more efficiently.

Images are a Must:

Spending an hour or two in search of the perfect image for your article is not at all worthless. Those seemingly small details really make the difference and show dedication. That is what readers are looking for. They are not there just to read.

After all considering how huge the World Wide Web is, finding the same information someplace else is achievable. Consider taking a look at Flickr’s database.

The problem with images is that you need to find royalty-free ones with the proper license. To do so hit the search button, add your keywords, and at the bottom of the page choose “Only search within Creative Commons-licensed content”.

Never Stop Learning:

It is important that whoever is blogging for your company is trained to avoid spilling any company secrets. At one point in time, corporate blogging was performed by a small staff of people in the organization, usually the communications team.

Today everyone is blogging, spreading their own message about your company. Everyone should be trained in proper blogging etiquette to ensure that classified company information remains classified.

Any time classified company information is accidentally leaked out, the company is put into a precarious position. They could suddenly come under the scrutiny of industry regulators or even be subjected to sabotage by competitors. Additionally, information about the way the company works or who is on their staff could be leaked with embarrassing consequences. Start your blogging journey with Hostinger.

Check the Hostinger coupon code and read the detailed Hostinger Hosting review so that you can make your choice.

Restricting blogging to a handful of employees is not the best idea, so it is better to train your staff to keep classified information to themselves yet allow them to strengthen the company brand by blogging.

Make your prospective reader an offer they can not refuse:

This one is a classic, but you need to be reasonably certain that you can deliver the goods that you are promising your reader. 

In your headline, promise the reader that if they will take a few minutes to read your article, that you will show them how to write headlines that will increase their subscriber base.

Give Me 5 Minutes And I Will Show You How To Create Headlines That Will Increase Your Subscriber Base by 20% In A Month! would be an example. The possibilities with this approach are limitless!! Leverage this tip with the negativity slant and create a list and you may find your article Dug straight to the front page of Digg!!

Narrow your niche:

This is something that will take a while to appreciate that small is the new big. Many bloggers have a tendency towards covering as many topic categories as they can, thinking that narrowing their target down to a niche may cause them to lose their market size.

In fact, the outcome is the opposite of that. By going niche your market size will in fact grow. The wide-angle beam approach – going wide on your content categories – will confuse your readership causing them to shift from one topic type to another.

General topics are great, and since there is a plethora of general topics that exist, it is an easy way to come up with new topics for your blog. However, general has been done to death. Even with the most unique voice, your blog needs to focus on a niche topic.

For instance, a blog on blogging tips may not do so well, but a blog focused on optimizing blog posts will do better. Start by thinking of at least five smaller topic areas for your blog, which relate to your business.

Remember, you can always create more than one blog if necessary. Perform a search for those topics to see your competition. The one with the least competition is likely the winner. A niche blog provides more relevant, highly focused content making it more valuable and popular for readers.

Create a killer design:

A reader notices two things about your blog to begin with – the name and the design. Create a catchy, yet descriptive name for your blog. Your business name is perfectly acceptable. Next, focus on creating a design and color scheme, which isn’t used by everyone else.

If you use free templates, tweak them so they are unique. Not only should your blogging content stand out, but, the blog itself should be unique. Remember to keep your blog name and design congruent with your brand, while portraying the image of your business you want the world to see.


Blogging is great fun, whether you are doing it for personal reasons or to earn some extra cash.

It won’t take long for you to get addicted and sucked into the community of bloggers. After that, you will find more and more advanced blogging tips are available.

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