NOrd-vpn-reviewWe live in a world which is revolutionizing digitally and our dependence on the internet increases day by day. But at the same time the cyber threats, online frauds, data breaching have also paced up.

So what do we do? How can we feel secure in the online world? Well, the solution is to use a VPN or a virtual private network which isolates you from the public pool of networks and acts as a shield against most cyber attacks.

Finding a reliable VPN is a task in itself but don’t worry, your search for the best VPN ends here with our review on Nord VPN which has surpassed all our expectations.


Read this snippet and save time on your Research to find out exactly why we have so much conviction in this VPN.

  1. Two layers of security provide double protection as it allows you to change your IP twice. 
  2. Removes all the irksome ads, so you can surf undisturbed
  3. No-log policy hence feel secure about your personal data
  4. 5600 servers spread across the world in more than 60 countries
  5. Fast and reliable connection speed
  6. Easily access Geo blocked content


Need more? We have reviewed all the aspects of this VPN in this article, follow ahead!

About the Company : 

NordVPN honest review 2021

NordVPN is a Panama (known for its best privacy laws) based virtual private network (VPN) provider. It has been the market leader in this sector for the past many years and will continue to be so.

They have deployed more than 5600 servers in more than 60 countries resulting in its amazing speed and its ability to tap into any geolocation. NordVPN is a success story of four friends who were able to create a VPN which leaves no stones unturned when it comes to security end and allows the free flow of data. 

This VPN is available for desktop application (Window, OS and Linux) as well as mobile applications (Android and IOS).

Specifics of NordVPN that makes it stand out

1.Unmatched Security

Nordvpn Unmatched Security review NordVPN is undoubtedly the best VPN when it comes to the security aspect. It makes sure that your internet activity is not tabbed by the internet service provider and provides military-grade security to your data.

Once you log off none of your data is stored by the intruders and hence you can be secure about your web usage. With the help of this trustable VPN, you can protect yourself from the targeted ads and phishing websites too. NordVPN uses advanced encryption techniques like AES-256-GCM encryption algorithm with a 4096-bit DH Key which protects your sensitive data when you work on the web.

Once this data is encrypted the first time, a “Double VPN (or second VPN)” provides a second layer of encryption hence giving it dual protection. 


Best VPN Server Locations list NordVPNNordVPN has a very large network of servers across the world with more than 5600 servers spread across more than 60 countries. 

You can see all the NordVPN server list in your country with this link The Server Page will also help you recommend the best server for your needs, hence helping you receive optimum service (direct link: A large number of the server also means low amount of congestion which again means a large amount of bandwidth so that working online is a seamless experience for you.

You will find special servers for P2P (peer to peer) and anti-DDoS which makes transactions of large files undemanding.

3.Value for Money

If you are looking for a VPN which is like a genie granting all your wishes related to speed and security and yet be light on your pocket then you can always turn to NordVPN. NordVPN provides affordable services with price plans being as followed:


2 year plan Nordvpn Honest review


1 year plan Nordvpn Honest review



1 month plan Nordvpn Honest review


Hence the VPN becomes inexpensive as you subscribe for the longer plans. We have to agree that for the user who wants to try this VPN for 1 month might find it costly to go with the plan. 

4.Amazing User Experience 

Try NordVPN risk free for 30 days NordVPN minThe User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) are of premium quality and easy to use. Hence even for a beginner, the interface is intuitive and hence is easy to learn. 

With blazing speed, no limits on bandwidth and not to forget the immense focus on user’s data security the experience using this VPN is phenomenal. You can connect this VPN to multiple devices at the same it without any reduction in Quality of Performance. 

5.No-logs Policy

The Best No Log VPN Stay Anonymous Secure NordVPN minThe no-logs policy simply means that the VPN you use won’t save or share your valuable information. This protects you from all the online frauds and you can protect yourself from being tracked by an online intruder.

NordVPN with its strict security regimen has servers that it doesn’t store your data on them after you have logged off, hence in case of cyber attack you can be assured about your data safety. So the next time you log in on the server, you will be treated as a new user with none of your previous records present with the server! 

6.The Kill Switch and split tunneling 

Kill switch and Split Tunneling are two features which make NordVPN foolproof in the security domain.

Kill Switch monitors your connection to the VPN server and in case your connection drops it stops your device and the application you use from accessing the web. Thus it prevents any data leak or exposure which is a threat to your online security. It will remain like this unless and until the connection is restored or you disable the switch. 

Split Tunneling is an effective way to access the internet as it passes your data through a secure line of encrypted VPN tunnel, while other devices access the internet directly. It allows you to reduce the overall backlog, reduce congestion on your network and protect your data privacy. It provides DNS and IP leak protection to stop any accidental vulnerability of the data.

7.Ease of Access to Geo-blocked Content

Unblock Any Website with a VPN NordVPNGeo-Blocked content or restriction on content based on location can be havoc especially when you are travelling. 

NordVPN solves this problem since it can bypass all the content restrictions imposed by the country and provide you free flow of content. 

8.Customer Support

Customer Support in NordVPNThe customer support at NordVPN is incredible and will solve the minuscule of your doubts. They have 24/7 live chat lines and email support and promptly handle all your queries in a helpful and friendly manner. 

They are technically sound and are capable of providing all the professional advice you need regarding the VPN and its setup. 

Nordvpn Pros:

NordVPN impressed us in almost all aspects including:

  1. Advanced encryption technique providing dual protection
  2. It also Reduces bottleneck congestion and overall backlog   
  3. Amazing User Interface and User Experience 
  4. No-log policy of NordVPN is the best
  5. Kill Switch feature which protects your data even if the connection drops
  6. Stable and high-speed performance 
  7. Large Ultra-fast server network spread across the world 
  8. Split tunnelling provides a secure route to access the internet
  9. Friendly and knowledgeable customer support 
  10. Helps to access content restricted by Geo-Location 

Nordvpn Cons:

Though very few there are some features on which it can work on:

Single month plan is relatively expensive so if a person wants to try the VPN for one month, it can be a little expensive. The long term plans are very affordable relatively. 


NordVPN is a company based from Panama, a country with best privacy laws and hence no restriction on data sharing and the VPN also follows the same ideal.

This VPN will provide you with supreme data security and privacy which is much needed in today’s world.

Additional features like Kill switch, Split tunneling provides the top-notch online security we need today.

No-log policy makes sure that our data is secure even when we are disconnected.

A big server network with servers of blazing speed provides us with a smooth web surfing experience without any bottleneck congestion.

NordVPN helps us tackle geo-blocked content and hence streaming services and content becomes a delight especially when travelling.

NordVPN provides an intuitive User Interface and because of its ultimate speed user experience feels premium. If you have any confusion the Customer Support is one email away. They provide 24/7 live chat lines and email services which makes sure all your doubts are cleared courteously and professionally in no time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do we recommend NordVPN

Nordvpn features : Is Nord VPN worthYes, we definitely recommend NordVPN since it’s your one-stop solution to solve all your data security and privacy and that too while being light in your pocket.  

The prominent features include:

  • Advanced encryption technique providing dual protection
  • Kill Switch feature which protects your data even if the connection drops
  • Stable and high-speed performance 
  • Large Ultra-fast server network spread across the world 
  • Split tunnelling provides a secure route to access the internet
  • It also Reduces bottleneck congestion and overall backlog   
  • Amazing User Interface and User Experience 
  • No-log policy of NordVPN is the best
  • Friendly and knowledgeable customer support 
  • Helps to access content restricted by Geo-Location 
  • And many more

NordVPN has been an industry leader for many years and has collected lots of accolades on its way. Buy this VPN so that you can browse content without anything shady going in the background even when you get disconnected!

Is NordVPN worth it? Will it protect my privacy better than less expensive VPNs?

NordVPN is a VPN which is all about security. It has added so many features on the security end that you never need to worry about data breaching or privacy threats.

Some features which make it foolproof to intruders are:

  • Double VPN  provides a second layer of encryption of the IP address giving dual protection and keeping your network secure
  • No-Log policy is provided which means your data is not stored on the server or shares with any third party.
  • Split Tunneling provides an encrypted tunnel so that you access the web without worrying about any intrusion
  • Kill Switch keeps your data safe even if you get disconnected

This VPN acts as an armour against all cybercrimes providing you with an amazing User Experience at the same time.

Does NordVPN work with Netflix?

Yes, NordVPN is an excellent choice for Netflix users. It helps you stream securely and you can also access the movies and shows of other countries which you normally can’t see without the VPN. This is because this NordVPN allows you to access geo-location blocked content and hence providing you an easy way to access the content of all the world while travelling anywhere!

Is NordVPN Good for Gaming?

Is NordVPN Good for Gaming?The impact on your gaming depends on how far you are from the server and your ISP. The further you are the greater is the latency that’s the delay of receiving data.  

In our research, we found that NordVPN isn’t the best when it comes to coming especially with the ones of High-end graphics. ExpressVPN is a better option, though it’s about double the price if you want to play games with ultra HD graphics. 

Is NordVPN worth it for an Apple device? 

NordVPN is a reliable, secure and full of features VPN server which can also be accessed in IOS devices. The setup is extremely easy and the application is available on the Apple Store.

Download NordVPN on your IOS device and surf on the web without any worries of online attacks, cyber threats or data breaching benefiting the impressive User Interface and Experience at the same time. 

Is using VPN legal in India?

Using VPN in India is completely legal provided the user isn’t using it for illegal activities. There are no stringent laws and you can use VPN to hide your IP address protecting yourself from the online crimes and data breaching.

Using a VPN is a safe way to browse data and even your Internet Service Provider(ISP) won’t mind if you use it.

Final verdict on NordVPN :

NordVPN Review-Final verdict on NordVPNTo make it short our answer is: An assured yes! NordVPN is everything you can ask for from a marvellous VPN!

We have discussed a lot about the security details of NordVPN and that’s because it’s a winner in that domain among all other VPNs. This VPN provides you ad-blocking functionality, helps you access content in more than 59 countries! The speed is astounding thanks to multiple servers and reduction in the overall backlog and bottleneck congestion. You can connect multiple devices at once and have a seamless experience.


It’s a value for money deal and provides a good offer if you go for long term plans and the site also keeps on launching coupons and offers to buy this VPN.

The setup is child’s play and in three simple steps, you can start using the server. The User interface is really to understand even for a technically illiterate person. The server site will help you choose the best server in your location and you can test to see which one works best for you, providing you with quality service.

The customer support is friendly and will clear all your queries diplomatically and differentially. 

Go for NordVPN if you want a fast and safe online experience with no Intruder spying on you while you access content without any restriction!

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