[Top 8 New Tips]to Solve Hanging Problem in Android Smartphone

Top 8 New Tips Solve Hanging Problem in Android Smartphone

Mobile hanging is a so common problem in any android or other OS smartphones. This issue can be so harmful to your phone. So at this time, we are giving you some mobile hang problem solutions. 

So your smartphone is hanging nowadays? when we play games and surf net or download anything, our phone went like a phone freeze. Hanging mobile is not a big issue but if you don’t care about it, it will kill your android smartphone.

So I recommended you to solve it quickly. So for this problem, we listed some tips to avoid this smartphone’s bad behave. Now focus on this best mobile hang solution guide.

Why does my Android phone keep hanging up?

The smartphone hanging problem is the result of a bad effect on internal memory or ram. If your phone has enough internal memory and ram, the mobile hang problem can be down by 89%.

When we put pressure on the phone loading the phone being hang, because the low ram of the mobile does not manage to overload. so I will say you to keep the phone’s internal memory enough and when you buy any android smartphone, just check that Ram is good or not. If your phone has low internal memory or ram then do not load it and use external memory for data.

A friend asked me if my Samsung phone hang please give me a better Samsung mobile hanging problem solution to avoid the problem. So guys today I will give you some best tips to solve it.

How To Stop  Phone From Hanging?

Some things are responsible for the smartphone hanging problem. So I will be saying some things that cause screen freeze and solutions that you must try to get rid of phone hang issues.

Top 8 ways to solve hanging Problems in Android

  1. Don’t use extra applications
  2. Don’t OverLoad Phone Internal Memory
  3. Update Your Smartphone Now
  4. Don’t OverUse GPS Or Google Maps
  5. Don’t Keep Animated or Live Wallpaper
  6. Clear The Apps Caches
  7. Now Move Installed Apps to The SD Card
  8. At Last Kick at Restore Data factory setting

Now let us look one by one.

1) Don’t Use Extra Applications :

How to solve mobile phone hanging problem

Yes, extra apps can be a big reason for the mobile hanging problem so don’t use them. Your mobile has many apps that are running in the background and they are not being used.

They use your data as well as increase extra phone loading after its phone goes to heat and heat converted to hanging mobile. So without time to lose, you should uninstall or close that app and see a 17% improvement in phone hanging, data, and battery.

Use That Root…
Open Setting >> Apps >> Open That App which you want to uninstall >> Uninstall.

2) Don’t OverLoad Phone Internal Memory :

How to fix mobile phone hanging problem

So if you want to keep your smartphone’s life long then never overload internal memory. This little fix can solve many phone problems at once.  Just check internal memory, if it is full load then do empty it. 

Internal memory can be used only for some important things. Never put big files in Internal memory like that apps, videos, songs, and videos that causes a mobile hang. 

For these big and extra files, use an external memory card slot and avoid hanging the mobile.

3) Update Your Smartphone Now :

My Android phone is hanging too much. What should I do?

Nowadays this common issue, we get to see all the places. We buy a new smartphone but forget to care about that. Like when your apps are done old you update them instantly just like your smartphone needs an update.

So if you did not then do it. Regularly check your system update on your mobile to whether the system update has been given by the smartphone company or not. so do guys check at least weekly once. As soon as you update the phone, the magic you will see that your phone’s speed is flying about 30% fast and the hang problem will disappear.

4) Don’t Overuse GPS or Google Maps :

Why does my Android phone keep hanging up?

If you’re using GPS then that causes the phone to heat. I am not saying that GPS is not good but does not use that over. If we talk about google map, that spends a lot of battery so the hanging problem is a common problem with your phone. Google map or GPS produce overheating and hanging mobile. So use them a little bit or in offline mode.

5) Don’t Keep Animated or Live Wallpaper :

How do I solve the problem of an Android phone that hangs regularly?

As I told you above, RAM is the main key to your smartphone. So if you use animated or live wallpaper, it would directly affect RAM’s performance.

So I will suggest you, do not use them and as much as possible try to keep your device with simple or empty wallpaper.

6) Clear The Apps Caches :

Clear The Apps Caches Solve Hanging Problem In Android

On our phones, the apps which we are using daily create caches. So this can be also an issue to hang your phone. However, you should clear these caches on a regular basis and keep the mobile clear.

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7) Now Move Installed Apps To The SD Card :

How to fix Samsung mobile hang problem

Too many applications will hang your smartphone when they are in internal storage. So now it’s time to move a few apps to the external memory card.

External memory is the best option to solve the freezing problem and also to keep empty the storage space of your phone.

8) At Last Kick at Restore Data factory setting :

What should be done if your phone hangs a lot?

This is not a recommendation process but if you lose all option then use this one tip that works. Because this is the final option, you must save your phone data, contacts, and files and save an external memory and last reset your mobile phone and that’s it done.

Last Words :

So are you satisfied with this guide on how to stop the phone from hanging?  If yes then thanks and no just ask your problems in below comment box freely.

I will give you some more tips. So friends keep your free to hang by following the above steps of the mobile hang problem solution. And enjoy this phone freeze article and share it if you like.


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